Writing is an art that many wield but only the finest writers are well-known to the population. Some write for the beauty of art and some for the benefit of money, but what good is it if nobody is paying attention? People generally write to tell stories, express thoughts and to summarize a massive incident, there are some who write to draw attention for the profit of money and popularity. The term “Anybody can write” is true, but it takes immense practice and numerous failures for a true marketer to understand how to make people come to them. Many businesses use the technique of baiting people to at least look at what the business has to offer, in turn the prospects leave without taking any action as they have been fooled or misguided. Now let us take the right and organic route to make people say “Yes!” to what we have to offer by a few proven steps followed by many successful marketers.


Tips to Persuasive Writing: 

  1. Make an Impression:

It is the job of every marketer to understand who their audience or customers are, they should fully study the nature of the possible prospect and know what they really care about.

  1. Know why the Click:

It should be remembered that 80% of the time a person clicks on a link to open a site or to open a mail they are intrigued by the header or the opening line. Now this line should be crafted in a manner that triggers the prospect’s personal impacts, in short it should trigger a memory or a pain point.

  1. An Open-Loop:

This technique is an age-old hit among the marketers, but are less likely used because not everyone can master this art. Open-Looping mainly involves the magnificent art of storytelling with a mix of feeding the relevant information to the listeners. In most cases the marketer draws attention through open looping and leaves the prospects hanging just to make them dig deeper for more information.

  1. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep:

Before you make any promises to the prospects, think in all the possible angles if what you are saying is true or possible, more than making the effort to build a false promise, build a stronger command that will get your sales to run faster.

  1. Hand Social Proofs:

Majority of prospects have the habit of checking at least 10 reviews before attempting to buy what you are selling. People are asking for proof of quality of what you have to offer, and they want to know from the people you’ve already persuaded. This act increased your credibility and shows that you are having a strong stand in the market which in turns increases the confidence of your prospects to make a purchase with you.

  1. Gradual Commitment: 

Now the act of being relative and understanding your customers works highly in this area. Why? That is because by telling the possible prospects stories that are real, and showcasing their pain points helps them make a micro-commitment with you. This micro-commitment is when the prospect reads your story and nods along with what you have said, this shows that we are gradually guiding our prospect to make a purchase with us in the end.

  1. Know Your Features and Benefits:

There is a huge misconception that both features and benefits are the same thing, that is entirely false. Features are more rational while benefits are more emotional, to better understand features helps the buyers rationalize the decision after they’ve made a purchase while the benefits show the impact of making the purchase. Both features and benefits are crucial to include in your copy, too much of either one will imbalance the whole copy.

  1. Scarcity Creates Value: 

The proven technique of making your products look scarce just so you can pump up the price or the sale is a very tricky strategy as it should be properly formulated and orchestrated. We should let the public know that the product is in short supply, but we shouldn’t be too pushy on the matter. Just because there is an urgency to sell the product shouldn’t be a reason for you to stick false statements to the product, be true but urge the customers to seal the deal before someone else has the winning hand.

  1. Be Better in Understanding:

Always be on the lookout for new kind of people, the type of people who might be helpful to your business. Let your audience know that they are not alone in the problems they are facing and you have a product tailored just for such problems. Make your audience know all about your product, base the copy on their actions and preferences. Build multiple strong hooks, experiment with your prospects, make your audience feel like they belong to a similar group of people and make sure they reciprocate what you have offered by making a purchase.

  1. Get Into Their Minds: 

Make your audience see the future possibilities if they make the purchase with you. Firstly, create a sense of trust in the minds of the audience, let them feel that you are the right choice and show them the other choices and let them see them be sure that you are the best choice. It is the marketer’s job to intrigue the audience to make a choice in the business’ favor by the means of words or actions.


As marketers it is our job to understand our customers and what goes inside their minds to use it to our benefits. Some even say being a marketer also requires us to understand the psychology of humans to have a winning advantage in the market and it is true as we need to tap into the minds of our prospects and guide them to the point of purchase. This act of practicing and studying our prospects can also train us to be the best human reader. We can only celebrate victory if our plans are successful, and for that to happen we need to study, adapt and learn to accept failures and try again with all the right measurements.